The 42nd Annual Member Meeting of Kospin JASA

The 42nd Annual Member Meeting KOSPIN JASA had been held on Saturday, March 19th, 2016 at H.A. Djunaid.

KOSPIN JASA formalize cooperation with several parties, namely the BPD Bank of Central Java for cooperation in the form of ease operational management of financial transactions, Angkasa Coop Malaysia for cooperation in business development and business members, and PT. Orientasari Mahkota which is a distribution company TKI for cooperation in terms of financing and remittances migrant workers in Malaysia.

KOSPIN JASA through the President Director of KOSPIN JASA, H.M. Andy Arslan Djunaid donated Ambulance to the Foundation of Djunaid Hospital, The Foundation of Aulia Mosque Krapyak Pekalongan, and Muhammadiyah Pekalongan symbolically. (NH)