Our Business Development

The development of our credit union’s business always goes along with the business development of the members. This cannot be separated with the admission member system that is quite selective, so that it will generate the members who is actively participated in supporting all kind of business in credit union. The selectivity of member admission is also done with the consideration that the ability of credit union both in capital, facility, and human resource can be balanced with the development of the amount of members so that members can get a maximum service of us.

A good cooperation and complete trust of the public towards all kind of Kospin Jasa’s services still continue and evolve, so that the business development that becomes a shared goal of members and board can be achieved.

Quoting from experts who have conducted research in Kospin Jasa that is by Dr. H. Masngudi and Dr. H. Mardjani or other research institution, they conclude that the successful of Kospin Jasa due to some factors as follows:

  1. Figure and charisma of the founder.
  2. Recruitment of prominent community leaders who are influential in the business environment and in determining the formation of the boards (management).
  3. Implementation of an open and rational management.
  4. A rigorous selection in member admission to generate active members in participating in all kind of Kospin Jasa activities
  5. Bringing the service locations in the center of commerce of members.
  6. Involving all parties and groups regardless of ethnicity, race, class and religion so that by their consciousness creating a sense of belonging both in the level of members and the management
  7. An adequate performance/ strip/ office that build the trust and the support of good facility and infrastructure that is able to accelerate services.
  8. A smooth and good regeneration from the senior members that give the trust and opportunity to the younger ones.
  9. A strong sense of business among the managers so that they can put as a top priority the accuracy and speed of services
  10. A full support from the society, community, and government   


  1. Founder and members of the Co-operative of Auditing Service Java

  2. Founder of the Indonesian Life Co-operative

  3. Members of the Co-operative of Indonesia Finance

  4. Shareholders of Bank Bukopin

  5. Founder and members of the Primary of Save and Loan Co-operative 

Asset of Kospin Jasa

Asset of Kospin Jasa Syariah